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Class of 1969 Online Yearbook
We went to the best high school in the United States and we had a great time. In 2001 we still are a close class. Some of our classmates have died and we  dedicate this  page to them.

For those who have lost their yearbooks through moves or divorces,here are the pictures online.  It will be an ongoing project I  had to split some pages up. Enjoy. We recommend Netscape to view these pages.

Pictures courtesy of Steve Drinkwater
web work by Dean Hughson
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The pages are organized by first and last person on the page.

Joe Abbot-Dennis Anderson
Paul Angelback-Janet Barfoot
Rose Ann Batchelor-Marcia Box
Carol Boyer-Gary Burnworth
Robert Burris-Cecelia Chavez
Rachel Chavez-Debbie Coleman
Janet Coleman-Brenda Cooper
Fred DeGraffenried-Billy Dodge
Sharon Downing-Steve Etzel
Doris Glispey-Jeanie Hall
Linda Hammond-Jim  Holdren
Roberta Holt-Marilyn Jackson
Phyllis Jones-Robert Laffler
Stephen Lan Franca-Stephen Lyle
Mike Martinez-Kenny Middleton
Linda Miller-Linda Newlin
Diane Occhipinto-Dorthy Pearce
Nancy Pearce-Debbie Reuscher
Camile Rice-Theresa Rodriquez
Theresa Rojas-Linda Schuerger
Randy Scott (actually an error)-Greg Smith
Vivian Smith-John Sterne
Larry Stout-Ellen Turner
Judy Turner-Steve Welch
Joe Wells-William Wilson
Joannie Windham-Steve Zeller
Clifford Coffman-Walter Williams

NOW Pictures (send them to me and I'll put them up:
Dale Castle and Jennie Sue Tomlin(Castle)
Dean "SkyKing" Hughson

"Thou Dear Northeast"

Thou Dear Northeast, art the fairest of all,
Peer of all others, never to fall;
Thy royal banners, unfurl to our view
Emblems of victory the whole year through.

With thee Northeast there is none can compare,
Purple and white aloft in the air;
Loyal and true to our colors we will be.
Crown thee with laurels of victory.

We come and go as the years passing by
Add to thy glory, dear Northeast High.
May we as leaving but add just a gem
To shine forever in they diadem.

Want to join  the Class of 69 discussion group? We have our own website/listserv. You can also send an email to to just sign up.
Want to remember Budd Park?

How about a visit to Cliff Drive (spouses--ask your Alumni what they used to do at Cliff Drive)

Visit the NE VIKINGS ALUMNI homepage

Want to listen to some songs that had meaning to us in high school? Click here

Class of 69 40th reunion August 7-8,2009

Want to download a neat flag screensaver?

Famous NE graduates I have found:
Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey)
William Sessions
Clarence Kelly
Don Farrar-The Four Lads
Ace Goodman
Jill Miller
Charles Smith-architect 
Bob Collins,KC City manager
Rick Easley,Chief of Police
Kendall Kohr
Duane Kelly
Sec. of State James Kirkpatrick
Olympian Tim Harden

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Peggy Pettibon  (PAngerbran)
Dale Castle      (dcastle158)
Anthony Christifano
George Coles
Cliff Compton (TrudyCompton)
Cynthia Cooley
Steve Drinkwater  (h2odrink)
Ernie Henderson (EHende1010)
Gale House  (galewhitehair)
Dean Hughson  (deanhughson)
Ray McDowell   (Raymond C McDowe)
Frank Mertz  (glasman2002)
Deb Morris  (debk5651)
George Poe (bud12pac)
Esther Porres
Greg Smith (smtyjo)
Jennie S. Tomlin
Jane Tripp     (fizgig2)
Mike Venable
Gloria Voigt
Bev Williams    (BEVinKCMO)
Recapturing the Northeast Viking Spirit

Middle age sets in but you have your memories. You remember Cliff Drive with your best friends,taking the curves like you are Mario Andretti. You remember when the Van Brunt speed record was set (125 mph if I remember the story right).  You remember Viking Village.  You remember Coach Hovender having you run laps until your sides ached. You remember that Mrs. Berger's French lessons came in handy 15 years later when you first needed it in Paris to order dinner. You remember that typing class and how it has served you well over the years. You remember the 'riot' of 1969 when they integrated Northeast. You remember the time the school took you to see a Shakespere play/movie and it gave you interest in theater. You remember your first beer,illegal as it was. You remember John Marzetti,the mixture of macaroni and tomatoes and spices that they used to serve us at school. You remember the first real kiss you ever had.

But let's face it what you mostly remember is the friends you made and valued. The people who were there during your first victories and defeats in life. You don't have to put on any airs in front of them because they have seen you in situations that are even hard to describe now.  Though 30 years or more may have elapsed,the friendships are still there. For you see,that is the Viking spirit...friends forever...part of the legacy you got from Northeast--not only the education but the ability to have and to be friends.  We didn't know it at the time but as Bruce Springsteen says "Those were our glory days"...and to tap into them we need only have 2 Vikings together.  Like old soldiers,we hear "Thou Dear Northeast",see Mr. Carridi,Mr Heath,Mr. Rennau and Mr. Kintz in our minds
and we are invigorated again.  I thank my lucky stars that I am a Viking forever.

Dean Hughson,Class of 1969

Northeast-a brief explanation

Independence Ave, Van Brunt, NE Book store, Jr.
Building, flat ceremony with drums, Mr. Boatright,Mrs.
Womack, Courier newspaper,WHY band, dances,swimming in
the nude cold, move to Sr. Building,Mr. Kintz,Mr.
Popek,Ms. McMillin,Mr. Day, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Redford,
Mr. Reneau, Mr. Heath, Mr. McKenna, dancing at Teen
Town, driving around drinking beer, Smacks,Hereford
Grill,bowling alley,poolhall,stolen kisses and fumbled
attempts at embraces, mooning East High,running laps,
going to Birmingham dump with the gang,throwing things
out the window, Budd Park, literary societies, statue
in the hallway, finding a parking spot, drag race on
Van Brunt between Yenko Camero and a Superbird,
playing music as The Back Pages with Lee Waterman,
John Marzetti and the cherry pie dessert thing,
elections,Purple and White, football games, cool fall
weather, first job,library, Cliff Drive,integration, punching of
woman vice-principal, ditch day at Lake Jacomo, final
exit from school, Graduation at RLDS auditorium,
dancing to "She Wore Blue Velvet", 10 years silence,
1979 reunion at Royals Stadium,Johnny Dolan playing
records, 10 years silence, 1989 reunion at Embassey
Suites-North of the River,wearing a white shirt and
sweating 10 years silence, 1999 reunion, friends
reunite and extended party begins, RG's, Dixon Chili,
GLorias parties in Baldwin, grandkids, Dancing as a
tribe continues, Still friends after all these years.

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